Life, in the living

Scribbles on paper,
dozens of broken pencils,
empty glasses of vitamin supplements,
all watching, in commiseration.
Calendar flips, slips hastily,
like it never does.

Moving from January,
stops in April;
time walks towards, no delay,
lays tensity along its path.
Tension stirs in mind,
mind in conflicts,chaotic,
mixed into thoughts,
till blurs of words
into nothing.

Nothing, but urges.
Colours is dingy,
patched with old, washed
grays and blues.

Melody sings flat,
paved with dry, deadly
mourns and aches.
Sun glares and fades,
seeds grows and fruits;
living the day,
walking the lines;
side passing life.
Life, in the living.

P.S my exams are finally over :)


Lola-Elise said...

thoughtful words..

visit me at: lola-elise.blogspot :)

sha said...

you have some seriously inspirational photos here!
i especially like the one of the lady in all black against that dingy brick wall.

Anonymous said...

I don´t know why, but I love the second photograph :)


La Fée said...

love these! and I'm so jealous that your exams are over, mine are just about to begin, and the last is on the 18th of june :(

LoveMore said...

CONGRATS!!!! i best you aced them all! i love this collection and words babe. the last shots with the hair are particularly powerful i think!

hope you are well!

xxx bel

Light and Writing said...

Perfect photos to go with your thoughtful words!
So happy for you that finals are finished!

jessica said...

"Scribbles on paper,
dozens of broken pencils,
empty glasses of vitamin supplements"

gorge .
& the photos are perfection .

terra said...

oh the passing of time and those times when it's just so painfully ordinary you can't wait to get rid of it.. , but then it's such a waste you realize in the future!
that may not have been what you meant with your words but it is how i interpreted them and it is a powerful despair may i say

glad that your exams are over! hope you did well!

Catherine said...

Beautiful. The second photo is my favorite.

And lucky you! :)

diane said...

Lovely poem. My stuff is published in a book that nobody reads, sigh.

oh_ayla said...

this is such a nice post.. ah. i love the words! and the photos too. thanks for your comment, things can only get better, right? x

Carolina Botelho said...

I love the photos!

Summer said...

Those are very inspiring and very thoughtful words..;D
Have a wonderful day..;D


Solo said...

Congrats on your exams..;D
Looking forward on your next post.;D


Anna said...

That's amazing again...

Enep said...

beautiful words. ALWAYS :--D


Noelle Chantal said...

wonderful and beautiful inspirational photos and words as always. you have the most interesting picks as usual. and the first photo is very real looking and the second photo is inspiring me to travel alone. :)

electric feel said...

hope you pass your exams well!!
lovely photos!

Hayley said...

do you write your own poetry? because its soo amazing.
and good job on finishing exams (:

Noelí said...

amazing picts

freeTEYme said...

great photos! time to relax and celebrate =). Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

beauty,poetry and fashion....the perfect threesome for a lifetime! what more do u need?

jules said...

lovely, everything. I didn't take those pictures, I gave the credit at the bottom they are lovely though. Congrats on exams.

Anonymous said...

haha my exams are certainly not over! you're lucky

Indie.Tea said...

How beautiful..and a bit disquieting too.

Alba said...

I love the photo against the brick wall. Very inspiring words too! Love alba x

Ingrid The Kids Meal said...

love the images, the girl in the wall and the last ones, love the hair, and the text is refreshing. to my links

Step in the spotlight said...


sarah said...

Such beautiful words and pictures...as usual!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

yeah on the exams being over! :)

the images you pick are just as lovely as your beautiful words!

boubou said...

i lovve your blog !! j'adore j'adore !!
ill be back ;)
a bientot !

mai said...

those photos are gorgeous! and i love that golden gown.

also, congrats on surviving exam season :)

Vintage Me New You said...

I am happy to land in here one more time, thank you for your sweet comment!
it feels good to read your posts:)
have a nice week and only joy!
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Vintage Me New You said...
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