An Award!

I am honoured to receive two "I love your blog a" wards from mel, and valentine. (thank you guys,, you two are tooo sweet to be true :) and this news has lighted my day totally. )

Just want to use this opportunity to let you all know that I treat every comment seriously and they are the fuels that support me. Cause i'm a rather lazy person and i usually give up a thing as fast as it has merely begun. lol.

Straight to the point, i need to pass this award to a number of bloggers. Not sure if it should be 3 or 7. But the more, the merrier, right???

The following are those who has inspired me lately. Still haven't checked them out/ never heard of them before?? so, what are you waiting for!!!! it's time for you to visit their beautiful blog NOWWWW!!




The unspoken secret.

Waking up early in the morning,
with confusion floating around
her head.

Looking like a women,
feels like a girl.

Which catagory does she fall into?

She covers her eyes with both hands,
secretly wishing that the answer
will pop up instantly.

no such luck.

Searching for it everywhere
in her house,
as if playing the hide-and-seek.

Playing around in the closet,
dressing and undressing.

Cocktail dresses and heels
become her new favourite.

The gloomy old gray t-shirt
loses its old allure,
finding its way to the forgotten corner.

Putting on her daily matt lipstick,
looking low and
feeling dull.

Soon enough, she replaced it
with the new blood red lipstick.
Feeling high.

She stares at her own reflection
in the mirror.

The youthful face mismatched
with a womanly body.

Veiled by time,
the answer reveals its hidden self,
day by day.

It comes with no signs,
no footprints
and no witness.

Transforming her secretly.

The insecure old shell of her
has gone,
comes after a confidence smile.

Editorial: Vogue Germany MAy 2007


Another Tag!

I was also tagged by Paris_Tarts to name 6 unimportant things that i like. awww.. She is too sweet to be real. :)

1. I like fruits, almost every kind of them. Their freshness and sweetness never fail to amaze me. And i shall never forget the berries bliss in the middle of summer.

2. More about food. Playing with my food is one of the best part while having my meal. lol I know it's childish but that is just soooo much fun.

3. Sitting on the bench alone is vital in my crazy life. It clears out my fussy mind and helps me to see many different things in another way.

4. I say walking home with the company of a luminous sun. Its heat stays on my skin and warm my heart. Especially in winter time.

5. Staying on bed all day long. Drinking juice, flipping magazines, craving ice-cream, gossiping on phone, doing a mask ......... I do all these stuff on my bed. SEE? a day is not enough for those activities.
6. And my recyclable shopping bag! It does lessssssss harm to the poor environment.
It says Thank you to you if you use one rather than those countless unrecyclable dirty plastic bags.
and according to the rules, I have to tag another 5 blogger.



I was tagged by a sweet blogger -lolita to answer the One-Word-Answer meme.

Oh, one-word answer. Never good at it. I always have too many words in mind at the same time.
I need to make a good try. lol

Where is your mobile phone? Hiding
Where is your significant other? Clueless
Your hair colour? Dark
Your mother? Sweet
Your father? Caring
Your favourite thing? Freedom
Your dream last night? Blank
Your dream goal? Far
The room you're in? Empty
Your hobby? Relaxing
Your fear? Solitude
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Sahara
Where were you last night? Home
What you're not? genius
One of your wish-list items? Mcqueen-gown
Where you grew up? HongKong
The last thing you did? Calculating
What are you wearing? Espirit
Your TV? Forgotten
Your pets? N/A
Your computer? Blessing
Your mood? Changeable
Missing someone? Him
Your car? N/A
Something you're not wearing? crocs
Favourite shop? french-connection
Your summer? beautiful
Love someone? always
Your favourite colour? Grey
When is the last time you laughed? NOW!
When is the last time you cried? doubtful

it was indeed, a pleasure to finish these questions. Just to spread out the joy, I would like to tag mel, valentine and essenceanddesire.


Looking for..... Tomorrow.

I sat by my little red lamp,
thinking about tomorrow.
Tomorrow, with its large promise and its poor performance.
Often brings insecureness.

If only I know
how it is like.

I played the tarot cards,
to glance over tomorrow.

It said poor
for the first time,
for the second time,
and so-so
for the third time.
What is the right answer?
I also set up instruments on the top of the mountain,
wishing it could deliver me to the next day.

I waited for 30mins, yet
nothing comes out,
not even a spark.

I sat by the window,
and look deep into the sky.

Does that blinking star mean anything?
Always covered in a cloak,
tomorrow never reveal it real face
either in allure or in pain
till the right moment.

Guessing it's mind,
is a dangerous attempt.

For it is yet to be there.


Where is, yesterday?

Yesterday with all its mistakes and cares,
Its faults and blunders, its aches and pains.

I made a search of it.
To undo all my inperfections.

I peeked through the window,
and examined the traces that it had left behind.
I first ran into the forest and shouted its name.
I heard my voice bouncing back.
And, giggles from the squirrels?
Then,I sat on a long bench and wait.....
Waiting for its appearance, till the sunset.
I even placed an ad on newspaper,
but, there ain't any response.
Seems like yesterday has vanished in the air.
No signs everywhere.
I have given up.
And I am tired.
Yesterday has passed forever beyond my control.
Yesterday is gone forever, and ever.
Kiss it goodbye.
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