Another Tag!

I was also tagged by Paris_Tarts to name 6 unimportant things that i like. awww.. She is too sweet to be real. :)

1. I like fruits, almost every kind of them. Their freshness and sweetness never fail to amaze me. And i shall never forget the berries bliss in the middle of summer.

2. More about food. Playing with my food is one of the best part while having my meal. lol I know it's childish but that is just soooo much fun.

3. Sitting on the bench alone is vital in my crazy life. It clears out my fussy mind and helps me to see many different things in another way.

4. I say walking home with the company of a luminous sun. Its heat stays on my skin and warm my heart. Especially in winter time.

5. Staying on bed all day long. Drinking juice, flipping magazines, craving ice-cream, gossiping on phone, doing a mask ......... I do all these stuff on my bed. SEE? a day is not enough for those activities.
6. And my recyclable shopping bag! It does lessssssss harm to the poor environment.
It says Thank you to you if you use one rather than those countless unrecyclable dirty plastic bags.
and according to the rules, I have to tag another 5 blogger.


Valentine said...
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Valentine said...

3, 4 and 5 are so true.. Esp. # 3.. its great meditation for keeping one's sanity. :-)



Mel said...

hi lovely! thanks so much for the wishes for my exams! i love this, everything you said is beautiful! if i were to pick going out partying for a week or staying home, in my bed reading, talking, drawing etc etc i'd pick my bed!! haha hope you've been well xx

Fashion Tidbits said...

yay! i love how all the pics correlate to what you say

Cris Lazoru said...

cool pos & fun pics!


Shen-Shen said...

Sitting on benches makes me feel like I'm in a movie!

essenceanddesire said...

this tag is lovely, all the pics are amazing, i love your post! un beso!

michelle said...

how fun :)

WendyB said...

I call my bed "the office."

Songy said...

that's a fun tag. yep.. bedroom office nice.

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