I was tagged by a sweet blogger -lolita to answer the One-Word-Answer meme.

Oh, one-word answer. Never good at it. I always have too many words in mind at the same time.
I need to make a good try. lol

Where is your mobile phone? Hiding
Where is your significant other? Clueless
Your hair colour? Dark
Your mother? Sweet
Your father? Caring
Your favourite thing? Freedom
Your dream last night? Blank
Your dream goal? Far
The room you're in? Empty
Your hobby? Relaxing
Your fear? Solitude
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Sahara
Where were you last night? Home
What you're not? genius
One of your wish-list items? Mcqueen-gown
Where you grew up? HongKong
The last thing you did? Calculating
What are you wearing? Espirit
Your TV? Forgotten
Your pets? N/A
Your computer? Blessing
Your mood? Changeable
Missing someone? Him
Your car? N/A
Something you're not wearing? crocs
Favourite shop? french-connection
Your summer? beautiful
Love someone? always
Your favourite colour? Grey
When is the last time you laughed? NOW!
When is the last time you cried? doubtful

it was indeed, a pleasure to finish these questions. Just to spread out the joy, I would like to tag mel, valentine and essenceanddesire.


Thomas Guénot said...

i love your blog!

Valentine said...

Hi dear! It was fun reading your one word answers-- and I know how hard it is to give just one word replies. :-)


I like to think that brownies take my stuff just so I wont bad that I lost them.. it makes it easie to forget.. quite childish, i know.. but it works. haha.

ps part deux

thanks for the tag! i shall get to it after a quick meeting with the sandman.



Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said...

Loved to know a bit more about you! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. They always make me smile! xo xo

ryder said...

from this i can only conclude that u r mysterious.

Jenny H. said...

like the picture.

and thankss for the cute comment. i have been wearing a lot of red recently.

Anonymous said...

It would be difficult to find one word to describe such things... fab blog! x

Sunniva said...

"Missing someone? Him" I love this answer. It's so simple, yet mysterious and we all can relate to it.

If I was going to describe your blog in one word, I would say: perfect. I just love it!! xox

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh yes one-word answers are always tough, if you ask me, but you did a great job! Lovely tag! :)


B. said...

hmmm difficult to answer with only one word

Couture Carrie said...

You look gorgeous in that dress!

And love your survey answers - I despise crocs, too!


agnes said...

actually, it's Lekeliene Stange in the pic, not me. lol

Mel said...

ooh you tagged me!! haha i'm soo slow i just realised. i'll do this now. and eww to crocs, i see people at my uni wearing them..gosh SO wrong! xx

Michael Oats said...

wow! thank u! people like you make me feel full of energy for taking new photos!


Anonymous said...


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