The backward step

Promised with a change,
mind exchanges at a cross road;
alternating thoughts and shifts
on a blurry ground.
Flushing in and out the paths are,
waves of quiet passerby,
the two walls of water on either hand;
sinking in blue.
As diverged as they appear to be,
yet, unusually paralleled -
loading carriages of disoriented bodies
along the identical broken trials.
As if, a curved mirrior is placed within:
specularly reflects the hidden unconsciousness,
and bounces back and forth all along;
an explicit exposure of the naked truth.
Photobucket Photobucket

The once determined mind now hesitates,
ceases to take steps forward but backward :
an attempt to brighter ends,
while standing firm on a crystal clear ground.
All comes to the end, lastly;
no more twins flow,
no more blind running
in this brave new road.
credits: Marianne Schroder, pbo31@flickr, Paco_for_peace@flickr, honeypieliving@flickr, hrefan Bjorg@flickr, Sebastian Kim@ jedroot.com

P.S Some of you questioned about my absence in this blog for the past few months, well, that was because i put almost all my time in school stuff (university isn't as easy as expected). anyway, I am going to do more blogging this semester. I could never forget this lovely place.

xx agnes
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