Spinning, it is spinning

Spin without spreading arms,
shadowless on ground;
no sound is made,
moves beyond imaginations, yet.
Time, a spinning ballerina;
spins till boundless ocean evolves
from ranges of mountains, and further fills
with layers of field terrains.
Nothing too fast,transformation is done
in every spin, in every spilt second;
squeezes way through into a tight clock,
still, puzzles all the eyes.
All over, when eyes open again;
clock finished its first marathon,
monthly calender flipped to next page,
time, no longer the same.
Truth is, ignorance fools are blinded
by all the fake glamour,
indugled with pride and prejudice,
in every spin, in every spilt second.
For time slips like sand in fists,
goes as quickly as possible,
there's no holding back yet to grasp it tightly,
in every single moment.


First Anniversary


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An empty schedule

Wandering in an empty schedule,
no plans to stop, not even one;
to swim through hours and days,
calls in a long yawn.
Emptiness floods over monthly calendar,
broken arrows shoot across uniformized boxes;
notes and markings are preys,
caged soul hunts after, desperately.
Was once caged by books and papers,
shaking the paper bars like a thrashed slave;
encircled with rings of eraser dust,
and howled, for an hour of peace.
Sitting side by side with peace now,
boredom invades steps by steps, till no rooms left;
rapid knocks are heard, from hollowness,
louder and heavier everytime it knocks.
Tension in the air tightens,
stretching to its rupture point;
there's nowhere else to hide,
to camouflage the fear of loneliness.
Prayers remain unanswered, sunken;
bubbles of disorderly thoughts emerge,
depressing oneself back into,
the old empty schedule.
Note: I guess this piece pretty much explained why i don't blog as frequent as I did before.


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sources: www.jetroot.com, photographer: Sebastian kim; others, TFS
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