Spinning, it is spinning

Spin without spreading arms,
shadowless on ground;
no sound is made,
moves beyond imaginations, yet.
Time, a spinning ballerina;
spins till boundless ocean evolves
from ranges of mountains, and further fills
with layers of field terrains.
Nothing too fast,transformation is done
in every spin, in every spilt second;
squeezes way through into a tight clock,
still, puzzles all the eyes.
All over, when eyes open again;
clock finished its first marathon,
monthly calender flipped to next page,
time, no longer the same.
Truth is, ignorance fools are blinded
by all the fake glamour,
indugled with pride and prejudice,
in every spin, in every spilt second.
For time slips like sand in fists,
goes as quickly as possible,
there's no holding back yet to grasp it tightly,
in every single moment.


Hayley said...

LOVE this poem (:

zoë said...

ooouuuh the wooden star-trek shades are quite inspirational .
as is everything else in this post .


jessica said...

great work darling .
& the photo of the girl in beanie .. gorge !

nevin said...

Haunting. Beautiful..delicate.. Very inspiring. And I just love this poem.

Emma said...

these photos are lovely :)

Mia said...

I just wanted to say that I love your blog! you have amazing photos on it!

anywhere I lay my head said...

Love the poem and the pictures ^^ The wood glasses are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Love this poem. I am in love with your writing :)
and happy anniversary to your blog! didn't get to comment on the previous post, so just wanted to say that now!

Kellie Collis said...

Fabulous pictures as usual. Gorgeous inspiration x

Psychedelic Memory said...

"there's no holding back yet to grasp it tightly"


Leigh said...

My inspiration of the day ! And What a fantastic poem xo

Valentine said...

That first photo.. mygoodness.. beautiful. Thank goodness you're back, love! Was starting to worry that you stopped blogging. :-)


atelier said...

some photos are really scary this time...

Bella said...

The way you pull together various elements is always so beautifully done. Fifth image = loooove it!

Simes. said...

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heleen db said...

Lovely pictures to go with the words... Are these from editorials? I do recognize the picture taken by Jak&Jil from the Jeremy Laing show, if I'm not mistaken?

terra said...

time time time time ...
you always choose a lonely topic and get it spot on,
some inspiring stuff here

Clarity said...

Lovely and evocative. Well illustrated by your images too, my favourite post yet!

I like the silhoutte and the hand clutching the cover images, but your words are best.

Thanks for your sweet words and 5 countries is plenty Agnes, xx

jules said...

Lovely poem, and photos. I love spinning.

Noelle Chantal said...

beautiful as always. the poem is very enchanting and the photos are so wonderful as usual. the first two photos are amazing! :)

Karolina said...

You have a beautiful blog!

mady dooijes said...

everything about this is just beautiful. x mady

electric feel said...

great post
breathtaking pics

sha said...

that silhouette photo is the best. I love how you can just see the print of the chiffon through the light from the window!

KAELA said...

Your blog is great!! Lots of inspirational stuff x


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

beautiful poem!

Anonymous said...

So lovely :)


michellehendra said...

great poem.. :)
you make it perfect with the selection of that photo


mai said...

BEAUTIFUL. both pictures and words.

FFlor said...


Solo said...

I really love this poem. And thanks for sharing it to us. ;D Have a great day ahead. ;D

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jules said...

whoa this is ridiculous.

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