An empty schedule

Wandering in an empty schedule,
no plans to stop, not even one;
to swim through hours and days,
calls in a long yawn.
Emptiness floods over monthly calendar,
broken arrows shoot across uniformized boxes;
notes and markings are preys,
caged soul hunts after, desperately.
Was once caged by books and papers,
shaking the paper bars like a thrashed slave;
encircled with rings of eraser dust,
and howled, for an hour of peace.
Sitting side by side with peace now,
boredom invades steps by steps, till no rooms left;
rapid knocks are heard, from hollowness,
louder and heavier everytime it knocks.
Tension in the air tightens,
stretching to its rupture point;
there's nowhere else to hide,
to camouflage the fear of loneliness.
Prayers remain unanswered, sunken;
bubbles of disorderly thoughts emerge,
depressing oneself back into,
the old empty schedule.
Note: I guess this piece pretty much explained why i don't blog as frequent as I did before.


As this blog will soon celebrate its first anniversary, I would like to collect some opinions from you all for further betterment. Feel free to answer the following questions :) Your suggestions will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for that. :)

1. Any changes on the layout or design of the blog you would like to see? (e.g header, background, texts, colours, etc.)
2. Do you wish to read more variety of posts except mainly poetry?
3. Do you prefer any music in this blog?
4. Any particular theme(s) that you usually enjoy more?
5. Others suggestion(s) that is/are in your mind.


sources: www.jetroot.com, photographer: Sebastian kim; others, TFS


Miriam said...

finally a post!! lovely photos as always..

A** said...

Nooo?¿?? "Alpargatas" are the tipical shoe of the peasants. It's rare to see young people wearing them but, in my opinion, they are a super cool accessorie!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing photos as always!



jules said...

No music. I adore this post, all the photos are very pretty, and kinda lonely but in a good way.

Hayley said...

i love your use of words so so so much (:
1. Any changes on the layout or design of the blog you would like to see? (e.g header, background, texts, colours, etc.)- i really like the layout a lot. i was just actually admiring your heading- its very interesting (:

2. Do you wish to read more variety of posts except mainly poetry?- i like your blog so much because its different than other blogs. i love reading your poetry, and you seem to find the best photos to match!

3. Do you prefer any music in this blog?- i think music would distract me from your poetry. i get distracted quite easily, hah, so listening to music would only make me half pay attention especially since its poetry and its so interesting and in depth already (:

Anonymous said...

I love the poem! So sad, but so beautiful.
The only suggestion I can make is maybe make the pictures smaller? Other than that, you're doing fine, hun :)

Jenna said...

1. NO. Perfect already =]

2. Well I think that is really up to you. It's your blog. But the poetry is really lovely.

3. I always enjoy finding new music. Even though I have music on my blog, I find it a little annoying sometimes on other's blogs. But if you find something you want to put on, go for it!

That's all I can think of. =]

FFlor said...

I saw no no yet, but I will seek, and if that dress is one of the few that I like,

luyi said...

love this posta lot!!

michellehendra said...

great post!! :)))

1. i think your layout is great already
2. well, perhaps more about youuu~ :)
3. nopee, don't use music, that'll distract readers
4. well, nothing, every differences make me feel comfy
5. keep writing! :)))


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!
I love your blog :)


Pretty Guide of Art said...

I love love love you blog and after a long long break Pretty guide of art is back :)
I would love to heard your opinion!
see you and take care

Shabsblog said...

Cool snaps and poetry!

SCISI said...

great images as always so dreamy:)

Kellie Collis said...

Love the dress of the model in the water!!!

Beth said...

Wow great post!
The photographs are stunning!
Especially the last one, is it Clemence Poesy?
Beth xx

Ashma said...

Thanks for your comment; yes, Valentino didnt have its signature look and feel this time round!
Beautiful words, as always... and congrats for ur first anniversary!
-Ashma :)
Ps. leave it without the music.

anywhere I lay my head said...

I love this post, the pictures are amazing!

Sorry, I can't think of anything to make your blog better, I think it is perfect as it is:) However I think a change now and then is always good!

Valentine said...

hi dear! first off, happy blog-niversary! ;-) As for your questions, I actually like the simple theme of the blog and the header/banner is just gorgeous.. but change is always good so if you feel like it, do as you want. :-)

For content.. I adore your poetry so dont remove that! hehe..



Lola-Elise said...

this post is just incredible..inspiratin and beautiful words everywhere..


terra said...

another thing i love about your writing;
you can interpret it many ways but it always means something to ev'ry person that hits the mark on a feeling they're familiar with
and happy anniversary! (to you and your blog)
may you keep amaze-ing us for many anniversaries to come ;-)
(i could not write it as 'amazing' cause it might turn out as an adjective so i invented a word)

Joliiie said...

congrats for your aniversary! follow in this way that i love :)

sha said...

these photos make summer look aaamaazzing. only too bad summer in hk looks NOTHING LIKE THAT eh? hahahahhaaaaaa. how was typhoon 9 for you? too bad it wasn't on a monday. could've skipped work :@

happy blog anniversary!

Clarity said...

Congratulations on your first year. Your comments are always so bright on my posts and I appreciate it.

I can't think of anything to say or add except, my favourite photos on here are the ones of delicate mystery, less is more pics rather than the shock ones. I especially like the one you posted on your first anniversary. You have an eye for beauty and a mind for truth.

Peace, x

Summer said...

You are so amazing! Love your post always, more post from you. =D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

a. said...

nude fur, blonde hair & naked, skinny girls in the forest.
that's how i like it.

A** said...

yaaaay!!! it's an obligatory visit evey year!!!!!! :-) we had a lot of fun!!!!!

Lots of kisses!!

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