Centre of nowhere

Station to station,
moving through subway in the tube;
no destination in mind, yet,
lost the initiative of outing, nowhere.
Walking out from an anonymous exit,
out to the main street;
collide with jammed crowd,
swirling into a chaotic circle.
Foot moves, following the general flow,
push directions all around;
to the mysterious East, to the curious West,
up to arid North, down to fiery South.
Illusion takes in,
compiles faces in a kaleidoscope,
revovles, splintering into million pieces,
merges into one.
Noise of the traffic circulates speedily,
whirls till a hurricane emerges,
draws in numerous
formless and shapeless circus.
Now, standing in the eye of hurricane,
stillness overwhelms,
slowly absorb into cycles of jumble,
swallowed, into whole.
Carries away to nowhere,

P.S I apologize for my lack of posting in the past two weeks, feeling a bit uninspired lately and I am sort of getting back on track now :)


anywhere I lay my head said...

Lovely pictures and words! Love all of it<3

I'm glad you are feeling inspired again!:)

FFlor said...

wow! beautiful pictures

i love aerosmith
and your song Crazy

terra said...

doesn't being lost and going nowhere give a strange yet lovely sense of freedom in its way ?
i love the chaotic aspect this has to it :-)

Lola-Elise said...

its nice to hear you're getting inspired again.. i love this post..one of my favourites that i've seen on a blog for quite a while..

visit me sometime..

A** said...

wwwwowwwww those pics are amazing!!!

Sonar is a fantastic festival in the middle of the city that every june is celebrated... so you know for the next year! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you!
Love your writing,

Anonymous said...

I would like be traveling nowhere, right now!


trigg and trig. said...

wow.. what a beautiful post. top photo is to die for

dangerussupermarket said...

lovely pics!

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

I love your photographs. Always so unique, stylish and incredibly inspiring!!

S.Elisabeth said...

Lovely! I really like this one! And the pictures are so nice =)

Eva Ana said...

girl, you've got real taste.

Girl next blog said...

Loved all the pics - specially the last one!


Valentine said...

TRAINS. I love trains. A lot.

Glad inspiration came to you again! :-)


Hayley said...

i love this.
soo much.

*** said...

I love these images they are all stunning.

JULIA said...

these are beautiful

JULIA said...

these were beautiful

Farah said...

that is a gorgeous compilation of images.

jules said...

OH I love all of these so so much.

Clarity said...

Unique and poetic, you are.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and your sweet birthday wishes.

Maverick Malone said...

Wow...this post is so fucking intense, haha. I love it. The pictures are amazing, as well.

xox, mavi

Solo said...

Awesome! Love those photos, and made me inspired too.=D I'd love to see more. have a good day.;D

Travel and Living

coco said...

Great photos!

ryan manning said...

hi agnes

Mila said...

Oh wow, this is truly gorgeous and inspiring!
Thanks for this dear.


Rolfe Bautista said...

I love the blog and I hope to see more thank you.

Ania said...

that's what I did yesterday after work - hopped on the tube with no destination in my mind ;)
and dear god:
Now, standing in the eye of hurricane,
stillness overwhelms,
slowly absorb into cycles of jumble,
swallowed, into whole.

I love this!

Noelí said...


setyourselfonfire said...

ohhh such beautiful pictures! and words! your blog is such a wonderland.

a. /// call me glitter, little deer said...

great text.
great first photo.
great ass (from the girl with that knit pantie)

electric feel said...


sha said...

i love that subway photo :D

Sara said...

Illusion takes in,
compiles faces in a kaleidoscope,
revolves, splintering into million pieces,
merges into one.


atelier said...

Lovely photos! I adore the one with the girl under the pink umbrella! sometimes everyone has a lack of inspiration, it's great to have you back!

jessica said...

oh this reminds me of the short story i wrote for my english final exam this year !

Anonymous said...

love your words (you write so beautifully)
and sorry about you're being uninspired...join the club...
but on a more happy note, glad to see that you're blogging again!

Bella said...

"faces in a kaleidoscope"... love that.

Beautiful as always.

Rolfe Bautista said...

Thats very interesting!!! I never knew of such a product but now I am intrigued. The japanese are just so creative.
I love this set of pictures by the way. They are so beautiful.

Johanna said...

Where do you found the pictures ?
J'ADORE J'ADORE J'adoreeeeee

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