Amongst circles

Circle encircles another circle,
one after one,
in the most perfect uniformized pattern;
intimately positioned and, distant.
Ought to be indifferent;
come in kindred roots and spirits,
endowed with akin features,
and touched, by the same mother's hand.
Resemblance inherents within, merely
spreads them all over, and,
swims towards each direction,
without a core, a heart.
Hearts remain, inside each circle;
the only core for each,
the one that matters,
happy are those who hide inside.
Tougher and choppier along the trail;
not a pause for seekers,
to climb up, to set in,
to bridge amongst walls.
Topped up with sickly sweet lies,
soft prickles along the edges;
perhaps, gives birth to a new core:
resting in twilight.

in response to the Copenhagen Climate Conference and human relationships at present
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