Amongst circles

Circle encircles another circle,
one after one,
in the most perfect uniformized pattern;
intimately positioned and, distant.
Ought to be indifferent;
come in kindred roots and spirits,
endowed with akin features,
and touched, by the same mother's hand.
Resemblance inherents within, merely
spreads them all over, and,
swims towards each direction,
without a core, a heart.
Hearts remain, inside each circle;
the only core for each,
the one that matters,
happy are those who hide inside.
Tougher and choppier along the trail;
not a pause for seekers,
to climb up, to set in,
to bridge amongst walls.
Topped up with sickly sweet lies,
soft prickles along the edges;
perhaps, gives birth to a new core:
resting in twilight.

in response to the Copenhagen Climate Conference and human relationships at present


kelsea said...

this is soo soo cool!

Anonymous said...
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heart in a cage said...

I missed your posts!

Thank you for the lovely card!<3

I hope you have a wonderful christmas too!

Anonymous said...

I missed your post!
Merry christmas for you too!
thanks for the christmas card :)
It´s beautiful!!


Jess. said...

I really love those last two photos. They are so beautiful, the ethereal gown and the rubble along the ground. Happy christmas, dear!


Fashion Tidbits said...

merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

especially love the last two pics! also, please stop by my blog to pick up your award! xxx


electric feel said...

glad you are back!
Merry Christmas!

stay dandy

luyi said...

merry xmas!

fashionable palette said...

These are SUCH beautiful photos.

Kellie Collis said...

Fabulous dresses. Divine post x

Noelle Chantal said...

beautiful beautiful photos as always. i really enjoyed all your posts. and am looking forward to see more this new year. :)

have a prosperous year! :)

Kate said...

Beautiful post! Those images are simply stunning! xx

Anonymous said...

beautiful! the photos truly complement the words. nice pick! and happy new year, love!

terra said...

thank you for your christmas card :-)
i hope you had a wonderful holiday season + new year!
and i am glad you are back to blogging! i get chills down my spine reading your lovely words

Susanna-Cole said...

Such a lovely, thoughtful poem, dear, and the pictures are swell, as well, like always! And thank you so much for your comment and card, you're so sweet, and I hope you had a wonderful, magical Christmas! Best to you in the new year, dear! ♥


Valentine said...

Dearest Agnes.. where art thou?

As always, such a lovely poem.

"Topped up with sickly sweet lies,
soft prickles along the edges;
perhaps, gives birth to a new core:
resting in twilight"

Such a poignant way to end it..

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Emma ... said...

Love these photographs! So beautiful :)
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Cool pictures.

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