The next stop is..

Always in the wait for the last stop,
anticipation ends at the far end;
indifferent announcements are made
over and over, still.
Cold metal cage opens and closes,
flows in an army of clones,
flushes out another army of clones;
another simple matter of exchange.
All are stoned like sculptures,
masterpieces created by blankness;
distinctively different yet strangely similar,
all in comply with the empty stare rule.
Motions stay frozen, so does
emotions, under lock and key in a forgotten island;
buried deep down in a bottomless hole,
brings about curiosity and danger.

Deadness condensed in the air,
grows by every minute, spreading around
vigorously like a seaonal flu;
unconscious are the patients, though.
A new deadly disease is born,
weathering one's affections bit by bit;
the only way to escape from further decay,
perhaps, is to leave at the right stop.
written while I was stuck in the subway tube.


anywhere I lay my head said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Missed your posts, you have to post more often!

Ara said...

Lovely, perfect start on my saturday, since I'm sick and staying in.

terra said...

that 1st picture i have lying around here somewhere pinned to a posterboard :-)

subways always depress me. they are just as you described and no more, carrying clones from place to place to do their monotonous business.

mady dooijes said...

fabulous post, beautifully written and wonderful images. i love coming back to dream and fantasy + read post over and over. x

Heart in a cage said...

I love the last photo<3

michelle said...

Looove these! :D

Valentine said...

Hi there!

I dont know what Im trying to do by leaving this message. I certainly dont mean to cause you any form of sadness. But perhaps, in this simple manner.. Id be able to extend further help.

I just thought that people, the world over might want to know what happened. Even through a single person's perspective. I hope that it might move them and start a chain.. of good thoughts and prayers.

So there it is. I hope you help me spread the word. Ive written it all down. On my blog.

Thank you very much, dearest!


fashionable palette said...

The bathtub photo is so amazing. It intrigues me...cannot stop looking at it!

Ania said...

I'm sure I wouldn't be able to write poetry while stuck in the tube... I wish I was rich enough not to travel by tube anymore, it's one of my least favourite thing in the whole world

Paul said...

Nice blog!

Would be nice of you credited photos though...

electric feel said...

Love the first pic!

Nadege said...

exquisitely odd photographs -
makes my mind run riot at the
possibilities & the commentary/
prose beneath continues the
mysterious affair.

Noelle Chantal said...

wow beautiful words as usual and very nice picks of photos! the last one is my favorite. :)

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Susanna-Cole said...

Oh, I quite love the metro! There's something about plunging into darkness, underground, that I quite like. :)

Lovely writing, dear! Hope you are well! <3


Gabrielle. said...

i love the photograph of the models in the bathtub...is that a nun on the right? haha. fabulous.

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Eleanor said...

This is soso beautiful

Anonymous said...

Love it at all!

nowtakeitorleaveit is back and is waiting for you again :)


Carolina Botelho said...

love this blog!

Bianca and Isabella said...

love love love this.

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