Summer tune's last note.

Feels like it was yesterday when
summer sang its first tune of the year.
Notes were blishfully light,
dancing around in harmony.
Everything was new then;
sharper, brighter,
crispier, fresher,
evolved from the moody spring.
Spontaneous drizzle vaporized,
while playing under the sun.
Layers and layers of mystery gone,
by just an effortless blow.
Sizzling hot was the sand,
heaven's golden grains on ground;
waveless sea ran smooth as silk,
demonstrated the liveliest shade of blue.
Laughters echoed all around,
bursting like new year's fireworks,
showered every corner with
the simplest and directest joy.
Almost too perfect to be real,
as if staying in a wrong dream;
carried away by a long chain of
fragile and fleeting soap bubbles.
Will this summer tune run until
reached its everlasting end?


anywhere I lay my head said...

Love the whiteness of the two first pictures<3

Indie.Tea said...

The photographs are all so pretty...so beautifully summerlike, almost beachy...

Poisoned Amour said...

such pretty + amazing photography. love this. and love this blog.

ryder said...

you still know how to choose good pictures matching to the tone of the words.


myrrh goldframe said...

such a cool blog.. i love mosts of your posts.

lauretha myrrh

cody said...

love all those photos.
xx cody


electric feel said...

oh thanks for this post
that reflects exactly what i'm feeling now

Heart in a cage said...

Time goes so fast. I can hardly believe that summer's practically over already:(

Anonymous said...

these are gorgeous

Anonymous said...

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Girl next blog said...


And can I ask you for help?
It's just that I added that gadget that recommends posts you would like and it totally messed my blog up! Now don't know how to put everything in the right bar - because it all appears below the entries. Any idea?

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

you know? Every time I come here I have no words...
I just can say that all this is amazing :)


Barbro Andersen said...


Laura Taylor said...

I love your photos :) x

loft in soho said...

OMG! one word: amazing
and thanks for your comment dear,


Gabrielle. said...

the photography on your blog always leaves me speachless...it's gorgeous! hope to see some more soon.


Household removals Australia said...

Summer comes and summer goes, I love the gorgeous photos you posted.

Christchurch Jobs said...

The photos are stunning. It really did catch my attention.

Flashes of Style said...

Gorgeous summery photos :) I love it.

mady dooijes said...

the first two images are beautiful. feel like dancing...

Clarity said...

Amazing poems,
You should publish them.

"Almost too perfect to be real,
as if staying in a wrong dream;"


Snake Charmer said...

omg i loved these pictures AND the poetry -amazing

Chessa! said...

these are so beautiful...I miss summer. fall is officially here in NYC.

steph said...

your blog is absolutley exquisite..a real delight on the eyes :))

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ellinelle said...

..beautiful photography ..you choose so brilliant pictures .. love the thought of sand and see .. love it ..

AMIT said...

Photos are so wonderful.

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