Truth is.

Swimming through a circus,
chaos all around;
clashing with each other along the path,
generates waves of yells and cheers.
Excitement slowly begins its intoxication,
shotting people with wild joy,
they, as if being conditioned;
share the same, uniformed move.
Plain, dull jokes fly over the tent,
followed by senseless laughs;
emotions flamed up to the peak,
roaring like an angry lion.
Chaos further grows with yells and cheers,
spreading roots to all remaining corners,
and sprawl into others minds,
in the hope of unity.
Hollow whoops comes back and forth,
spins one's head fast,
into a swirl of confusion, starts
a battle of old and new.
Surrounding noise performs lies,
attempting to sway the truth away;
yet, incites the end of long anticipation
into the brightest light.
Undefined lies are defined again,
signifying this craze is nothing,
more than a spark,
that fades as soon as it rises.

P.S I am back everyone! I have been very busy with all the university orientation stuff.(going to be a year 1 student this september!) hope everyone is doing great! and i promise that i will post as often as before,i have never forgotten this blog. :)

agnes xx


anywhere I lay my head said...

i'm also caught up in the university rush (first year too!) but now things seems to be calming down ^^

I wish you much luck with uni and those pictures and words are lovely and amazing!

Ara said...

It's good to hear from you. :) Good luck at the university!

mady dooijes said...

beauTiful words...
all the best with university! x

Clarity said...

Welcome back dear. We should follow eachother so I can get some more true poetry.

Your words remind me of when I started going to parties as a fresh thing and realising how they idea was just not the same as the reality. Very astute and true.

Simply Mel said...

The images and the words are so poignantly perfect!

Beautiful blog!

jessica said...

absolutely beautiful dear :)
& im glad university is going well, i am about to start !!

Anonymous said...

the kissing picture looks like david bowie picture~
love your picturesss

Indie.Tea said...

Its so nice to hear from you again...and the shot with the feet and flowers is my favorite too.
I wish you luck with university, I hope you have a fabulous first year!

Psychedelic Memory said...

What inspirational photos!
And I love that Vogue IT ed


Heart in a cage said...

Good luck at the university! Lovely post;)

heleen said...

Mmmm I like the eeriness of these pictures. Great poem, too!

cody said...

like the pics..<3
xx cody


Mia said...

I love all the photos on your blog!

good luck at the university! I will alsow start soon!

Anonymous said...

Amazing :)
It's amazing how you combine the photos with the text!
Good luck with the university!


Girl next blog said...

The last pic is just so cute!!

lancelonie said...

artistically fun and fabulous

Ania said...

some spooky pics here! really like the one with the bunny...

Nata said...

Thanks for the advice, dear! (:
I appreciate it.
And your blog is so lovely, it's enchanting, I will surely add you to my blog roll.

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Beautiful post. Good luck with uni. x

atelier said...

great writing! I only can say to you, enjoy your Uni years! they never come back!!!!!

engineer jobs said...

The photos are very dramatic. I love how you define your emotions trough the photos you posted very beautiful.

Fort bonifacio condo said...

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nevin said...

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