Once more

Flashing images of memory continue to haunt
nights and days, days and nights;
shifting present consciousness to series of past events,
as if those were to be relived.
Sensation heightens each time the images recollect,
strikes like the first encounter –
a sudden rush of strange warm feelings flooding
all over the yearning soul.
Slowly develops the impossible,
reaching the out of reach,
touching the out of touch;
pushing self-serving bias to a new extreme.
Much old sanity is off the scene;
one foot deep in the closed past,
another one stepping into the open future
leave behind the trembling moment of present.
Survival takes no light toll -
of bits and pieces reverse
in secret pleasure, in secret tears;
in motion to tango alone in shadows.
Still. Voluntarily to be corrupted by the memory,
nights and days, days and nights;
taking to heart the warm embrace,
the taste of the last tango, once more.

Credit: Alison_Scarpulla, MiqueBrightside, Free_bliss, Oliver_Morris, katieeleanor

in the dedication to a special person to me.


Now at last

Words left unspoken remain unspoken,
all melt away into the sound of silence -
that speaks much unheard feelings
once longed to be delivered and understood.
Well-learned communication patterns are broken;
now done by own presence,
through the minds, through the hearts,
every unsaid is said.
Much depth has been fallen into,
denial makes the only crime;
no glancing back at the past,
no future regrets.
End to continuous searches,
long-separated halves at last reunite,
that completes the last chapter of
two bodies but one soul.

Credit: Alex Freund


life-long journey

Repeatedly walk the same way through everyday,
everything looks indifferent,
everything looks different;
swinging between the naked truths and disguised lies.
Much noise is on and off the surround,
rushing, dispersing and colliding,
gradually swirled up local disturbances inside -
an attack to the old beliefs.
The right quickly becomes the new wrong,
and the wrong soon replaces the right :
a natural outcome of the subjective reality,
changing constantly over and over.
With merely nothing in an absolute state;
all responses could be a hit,
a miss, a false alarm
or remain as a myth all the way to the end.
And yet, as equipped with bags of hope and
carrying no fear,
walking down the same way though everyday
marks unique starts of a life-long journey.

credit- David Bellemere
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