Truth is.

Swimming through a circus,
chaos all around;
clashing with each other along the path,
generates waves of yells and cheers.
Excitement slowly begins its intoxication,
shotting people with wild joy,
they, as if being conditioned;
share the same, uniformed move.
Plain, dull jokes fly over the tent,
followed by senseless laughs;
emotions flamed up to the peak,
roaring like an angry lion.
Chaos further grows with yells and cheers,
spreading roots to all remaining corners,
and sprawl into others minds,
in the hope of unity.
Hollow whoops comes back and forth,
spins one's head fast,
into a swirl of confusion, starts
a battle of old and new.
Surrounding noise performs lies,
attempting to sway the truth away;
yet, incites the end of long anticipation
into the brightest light.
Undefined lies are defined again,
signifying this craze is nothing,
more than a spark,
that fades as soon as it rises.

P.S I am back everyone! I have been very busy with all the university orientation stuff.(going to be a year 1 student this september!) hope everyone is doing great! and i promise that i will post as often as before,i have never forgotten this blog. :)

agnes xx
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