The unspoken secret.

Waking up early in the morning,
with confusion floating around
her head.

Looking like a women,
feels like a girl.

Which catagory does she fall into?

She covers her eyes with both hands,
secretly wishing that the answer
will pop up instantly.

no such luck.

Searching for it everywhere
in her house,
as if playing the hide-and-seek.

Playing around in the closet,
dressing and undressing.

Cocktail dresses and heels
become her new favourite.

The gloomy old gray t-shirt
loses its old allure,
finding its way to the forgotten corner.

Putting on her daily matt lipstick,
looking low and
feeling dull.

Soon enough, she replaced it
with the new blood red lipstick.
Feeling high.

She stares at her own reflection
in the mirror.

The youthful face mismatched
with a womanly body.

Veiled by time,
the answer reveals its hidden self,
day by day.

It comes with no signs,
no footprints
and no witness.

Transforming her secretly.

The insecure old shell of her
has gone,
comes after a confidence smile.

Editorial: Vogue Germany MAy 2007


Chelsea's Girl said...

Love the spread. I;m actually planning on doing a shoot w/ the whole "Let's play dress up idea"

essenceanddesire said...

Wow! Agnes, great post, that so wonderful photos, I love love love the last!

Bella said...

My favorite so far... this is incredible.

The images flow beautifully to your words.

Fashion Tidbits said...

you made me smile again :)

Valentine said...

I love it. The poem + photos go so well together. :-)



Cindiddy said...

Hi agnes =>
cool blog!

you're from hong kong too? are living in hk???

B. said...

I LOVE all the photos you post! they are always incredible. :D

Mila said...

Wow girl!
You are amazingly talented!
I truly loved this....


electric feel said...

she is a day dreamer

CapuccinoB. said...

what a beautiful text


MeggieLou said...

love the post. linking you love!

michelle said...

Absolutely gorgeous :D

stephanie said...

love these photos...would you like to exchange links?

girl next blog said...

The text is a poem or a song?
Because I loved it!

And the photos are just perfect for these words,
you're such an artist.

I'm going to follow your blog by the way :)

atelier said...

very nice writing

Cindiddy said...

u are the first person i know who is from hk who also blogs about fashion...
thats great!

so i just read from ur profile that you're a student... where do u study?

its ok if thats too personal... im just curious! heh

leflassh. said...

wow. i love love love you blog!
i love your writtingg :)

Mel said...

hun, i'm sooo glad you posted these! i;ve been looking everywhere for the full ed of this shoot hehe i've only seen 1 pic from it. this is simply love. hope you've been well xx

Mel said...

oh oh and i have to say. beautiful, absolutely beautiful writing!

lolita said...

wow magdalena is gorgeous in these - beautiful poem!

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