An Award!

I am honoured to receive two "I love your blog a" wards from mel, and valentine. (thank you guys,, you two are tooo sweet to be true :) and this news has lighted my day totally. )

Just want to use this opportunity to let you all know that I treat every comment seriously and they are the fuels that support me. Cause i'm a rather lazy person and i usually give up a thing as fast as it has merely begun. lol.

Straight to the point, i need to pass this award to a number of bloggers. Not sure if it should be 3 or 7. But the more, the merrier, right???

The following are those who has inspired me lately. Still haven't checked them out/ never heard of them before?? so, what are you waiting for!!!! it's time for you to visit their beautiful blog NOWWWW!!




Missindiferencia said...

a kiss!:)

lauh-ren said...

i love that top picture!

CapuccinoB. said...



essenceanddesire said...

Wow Agnes! thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel really happy, you are a sweetheart!
Thousand kisses!!!!

Mila said...

Congrats dear! <3

And thank you so much for the award! You're so sweet...

Have a lovely day!

B. said...

OHhh! Thanks for the award!
Your blog also inspired me! I repeat you that the photos you post are amazing! :D

coco said...

Well done on the win.

david santos said...

Quería desearte una feliz navidad y que siendo amigos en el 2009!

Abrazos y no bajes los brazos nunca.

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Aw, thanks hon!
My first blog award!
I love your blog too, always post such beautiful things!

Bella said...

Congrats baby... you deserve it!


michelle said...

Thank you very much darling!

shimu's holiday said...

wow.. congrats!!

and those blogs are so cool.
thanks for sharing.

Pan's Holiday

setyourselfonfire said...

Congrats on the award lovely xx

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