Always running, in almost everywhere;
sometimes noticeable, sometimes hiding,
nobody knows,
where will chances appear, next.

The visit comes,
during the yawn, during the mourn;
never when it's expected for,
too long.
Before the great manifesto,
be it a heavenly message
or dead note;
remains a myth.

one takes it.
Photobucket Photobucket
Taking it,
requires, more than a nod;
asks, for more than a promise;
it, looks for courage.

Courage, that shields one
from the disappointing future.
Ends the long anticipation, in boldness;
run after it,
chase it,
stop it,
taste it,
champion it;
before it vanishes.
this is the moment.


Lola-Elise said...

i enjoy reading your words soo much..beautiful photos..


jessica said...

gorge .
& the second photo is amazing .

terra said...

then it scurries off away...
thrilling little thing isn't it? and you never even notice the chance is there, but those are the times when you actually notice it is the weird part
when you acknowledge that a chance has shown up, you start listing off all these reasons why not to take it

and if you don't realize it's there, naturally you'll seize it

lovely words from you again :-)

Savvy Mode SG said...

just fab and i totally agree.

mai said...

that second picture is wonderful!

S.Elisabeth said...

Whoa some of those pictures were whoa! And your poetry is, of course, once again beautiful and thought provoking =)
PS saw your last post, and happy pre-birthday!


inspiration blog!!!

Le français parisien said...

Wow the first photo is beautiful!

Emz said...

Love. loveeee. the photos & the words.

Flashes of Style said...

Such gorgeous photos! I absolutely love the lighting in the first one.

jessica said...

just shows how ephemeral everything is .

Eva. said...

awesome poem!

Bonne Étoile said...

love tho last picture
(and thank you for being my first commenter)

Gabrielle. said...

this is beautiful photography.
im really loving the one of the beauty in the red dress.


Anonymous said...

Thanks!you are an amazing person :)

A little strange, today I like more the text than the photos,especially this part:
"nobody knows,where will chances appear, next."
amazing like always anyway!


Carolina Botelho said...

the 4 pic is so intense!

Mila said...

Wow sweety, such a gorgeous post again!!!
Thanks for the inspiration...


call me glitter, little deer said...

i ADORE the first two shots.

Austere said...

I enjoyed this so much. I really like your words wth the images. They go perfectly together.

fourteenfashionstatements said...

thankyou for the sweet comment! all these pictures are so beautiful, i love the whimsical feel of your blog.

Valentine said...

Lovely. I always enjoy reading your poems and seeing the photos along with it.. You weave great stories, Agnes! Keep it up!



coco said...

The model in the second picture looks a bit like Natalie from ANTM's last season.

atelier said...

wow, the last photo is impressive... lovely writing, as always

enJAYneer said...

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enJAYneer said...

hi there.. thanks for sharing..

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Ashma said...

Thank you for the comment!
You have a beautiful blog here :)

Noelí said...


Jess. said...

I'm in love with the first two photographs. They are simply stunning, dear! Thank you for sharing.

I hope all is well

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