Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Every waking moment,

Every resting moment,
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Kiss goodbye to
endless searchings and wonderings;
let breathing and feeling in
once more.
Take a moment,
inhale and exhale;
breathe in life,
and feel alive.
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As long as you are living,
keep breathing.


Hayley said...

again, you amaze me.
"breathe in life,
and feel alive."
i loveeeeee it!

essence said...

Go through your blog is a real breath, Agnes!
Beautiful as always,
Congratulations for this great work,


terra said...

how lovely and simple !!

Enep said...

inspiring ;--)

Heidi said...

I'm really not too into fashion, but this is a beautiful blog. I'm loving the photography here. You have a nice way with words, too.

Anna said...

I love you blog, everything you write is so good. (:

jessica said...

i love it, i really do need to take time just to stop and breathe sometimes .

winnie said...

i've just finished my chin.lit exam and i'm trying to breathe so as to let myself knows i'm alive;p

Devonbella said...

cool blog keep it up xx

Pop Champagne said...

the last picture is stunning. Great post!

shimu's holiday said...

ahh if i can lay on the floor in the middle of the sun like that second picture just once a week, my life would be... perfect.

thank you for the parade of great photos
Pan's Holiday

Poshhh said...

those photographs are amazing..love your blog xo

Dooder City said...

love it.....breathe....so true.

S.Elisabeth said...

wonderful again. And I love that last picture. =)

Austere said...

I like hte one where she's breathing on the mirror. It really ties into the whole "exhale" part.

oh_ayla said...

ohh i love this. beautiful words and beautiful photos, what a treat to stumble across your blog!
and the loveyoubut pictures are hilarious huh, it made me giggle.


Fashion Tidbits said...

it's like the lyrics of a song...your words are so lyrical :)

Paperface said...

Lovely advice straight from the heart.

Much love.


Sara said...

Thank you for such a post...I needed the reminder, sometimes I do forget to breathe..

LoveMore said...

wow gorgeous! i sometimes get anxiety myself so these words often go through my head! eek! amazing post AS ALWAYS! top notch. :)

thanks for your advice on the Ebay item front my love!

hope you are well!!!!!!!!

xxxx bel

Pansieberry said...

did you write that? it's very inspirational. i love it.

Ingrid The Kids Meal said...

is refreshing to sometimes just, wait and take a moment to breathe.. you need that, specially if nervous.. is not enough to say that i love those pictures

Noelle Chantal said...

beautiful photos for beautiful words! i esp like the 3rd to the last photo of the lady standing with the twigs. very dreamy shot. i like how she blends very well with the place. amazing picks as always! :)

sarah said...

I LOVE your blog - always so meaningful, this post is particularly inspiring! Just what I needed to hear and think about today.

ryder said...

this sound like britney lyrics! im all for commercial!

Carolina Botelho said...

no words.. amazing! this is beauty!

James said...

Beautiful pictures,
beautiful words...

Summer said...

Oh my! This is another wonderful work from you friend.;D You make me amaze all the time i visit this blog.
Looking forward on your next post.;D

DaVina LoVe said...

love ur blog..u and i..we have the same passion..

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

sometimes its just so important to remember to breathe. love these words and these photos xx

Solo said...

Nice post as always.;D

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Breath taking photos.

atelier said...

wow, really inspiring post! especially if you are feeling lonely, thanks a lot for your beautiful writing, it's a pleasure to read it!

Mila said...

Amazing! <3

Just what i needed...


Catherine said...

So relaxed, I love it. Your blog is really cool!

Have a nice weekend :)

Ania said...

beautiful. reminds me of the song "keep breathing" by ingrid michaelson:

'but all that I know is I'm breathing
all I can do is keep breathing
all we can do is keep breathing now'

electric feel said...

that's real detox for the soul!

Anonymous said...

These photos remember me the summer. :)
It´s so lovely!

The avatars are from internet ;)


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

so inspiring!

Valentine said...

I love that.. Breathe.. its so relaxing and serene.. like your poem.. I LOVE IT!

Great Job, Agnes!



Sara said...

tagged you :)

Susanna-Cole said...

This post is so beautiful, as always! And I love your blog, and I'm sure I've said that before, but I couldn't resist saying it again! <3


Bella said...

You're amazing... this is amazing!

Dooder City said...

loooooove it.

Wow, a real breathe of fresh air.

eve said...

waw, COOL! :)

mady dooijes said...

i am breathing again. thank you. xmady

sarah said...

I have passed an award to you, plse visit my blog for the details.

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