Every morning,
alarm clock squeaking;
she wakes, rubs her eyes
looks into the mirror.
Each morning,
Dressing up and dressing down;
she asks herself the same question:
Which mask should I put on today?

All mornings,
mask-picking and concealing;
she puts on the happy mask,
steps into the glamorous masquerade.
All days,
circling and swirling;
she blends into the masked regal crowd,
greets everyone with her merry mask.
Photobucket Photobucket
Some ask:
who is she?

Another answer:
Just another smiley girl,
like everyone else in the masquerade.
This morning,
mind conflicting and colliding;
she asks herself :
Why do I need to put on a mask everyday?
For one morning,
mask-forgotten and abandoned;
she stays unmasked,
steps into the flashy masquerade.
This day,
quieting and observing;
garnish light opened her eyes,
see through the wicked soul disguised underneath.
mask-removing and revealing;
harshness and distortion exposed,
she walks away from the chaos.
Some ask:
who is that girl?

She answers:
Just a girl,
does not belong to the masquerade.


Anonymous said...

i love what you wrote.

voguemanie said...

fierce, great post

Light and Writing said...

some powerful thoughts! Wonderful!

vintageveggie said...

oh i love all of these. makes me want to go to a really fancy party... like the one in marie antoinette.

Anonymous said...

lovely photos

jules said...

Oh gosh so pretty, I want to dress up now! So great, did you write this? If so, you must have a wonderful grade in literature!

Sara said...

Oh, I love this...it's a prettified version of some people's everyday struggle...it also reminds me of Holly Golightly from Breakfast At Tiffany's!

Valentine said...

Love this and very very true! Who wants to join the masquerade anyway? hehe..




Agreed. Sonia Rykiel's show has always been the highlight of Fashion Week for me.

electric feel said...



Anonymous said...

Those mask pictures are really sexy :p

Pop Champagne said...

What you wrote is lovely! I really like the first picture. Her pose and facial expression is great!

miky said...

i love the mirror photos!!!


sarah said...

Loved this post, I must be on the same wavelength as you, I just mentioned and thought about masks in my latest post....love the pictures and the words!!!

Susanna-Cole said...

This post is beautiful! I think too often we hide behind a metaphorical mask, and forgot to just be ourselves. ;)

Thanks for your sweet comment! <3


Anonymous said...

ohh all your posts are so exciting!

mai said...

that editorial is fantastic!
those masks are so pretty.

Anonymous said...


S.Elisabeth said...

beautiful. you've got a lot of talent. i'm seeing a future table style book of fashiony pictures & your writing all over it. oohh please do that someday! I'll buy a hundred copies.

Dooder City said...

love it. i am really thinking of this whole mask idea. we all have to wear masks sometimes, don't we? lovely photos. sometimes that mask is what gets us through things.

Indie.Tea said...

Beautiful and chic and glamorous...
p.s. THANK YOU for the lovely award, I will mention it in my next post!

Noelle Chantal said...

wonderful words and photos (as usual). the second photo is stunning with her mask and long baided hair in black and white. beautiful post and thoughts!

Solo said...

I really love what you wrote.So interesting.Love it.;D
Have a great week.

jessica said...

that's so great .
i loved how at the end she doesn't belong to the masquerade anymore .

Madeline said...

love the photographs. particularly the one with the two women facing each other with giant hair.

terra said...

weird timing
i just read some freaky story about a masquerade
but your play on it does lighten it
a very nice array of thoughts again
and what pretty pictures..

Victoria C said...

I love this, and all the photos you've posted. Makes me want to go to a masque now! xo

shimu's holiday said...

what magazine that those picture you used ?
It's so gorgeous :)
love it!!!

Pan's Holiday

Paperface said...

B E A U T I F U L!!!!!

And I totally relate. For me, modeling was exactly this kind of masquerade. It's nice to just be a girl and stop pretending to be someone I'm not.

Ania said...

love the surprising ending, and the mirror photos!
I agree with s.elisabeth, how cool would it be to do a collaboration with some great photographers and combine their work with your words to create a coffee table book :))

Ingrid The Kids Meal said...

those pictures and with the text... they tell such a beautiful story, and as I catch it talks about not pretending but be yourself even if the world doesn't likes it... has feeling!

La Fée said...

I love the masks made of petals the best :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful text!
and I love the photos too :)
lovely post !

I added you to my links. I hope you don´t bother :)


Missindiferencia said...

oh! yes! I had a great time in London! :)
its was my first time at the citty and i love it! :D

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

i always love reading your posts, this is beautiful :)

michelle said...

wow, positively stunning words. i fall for you with every post :)

LoveMore said...

WOW this is AWESOME GIRL! i love love all the pics and the whole masked theme - just stunning!

and thanks for saying i don't look stupid in my distressed denim jeans! YAY to that! :)

xxx bel

atelier said...

your writing is excellent, reminds me Soffia Coppola's Marie Antoniette

david santos said...

really fantastic Style! Greatt photos and excellent space!!!
Very cool!!!!
Have a nice weekend!!!

Hayley said...

i love this so much.
your writing is amazing.

Austere said...

Love the post. The theme for my school's prom is masquerade, what a coinky dink. haha

Elena said...

So inspirational! Amazing post!

Qiwy said...

You are a master!!


Anonymous said...

love the pictures of the women looking into the mirror. beautiful

Maria said...

I like what you wrote!

Chessa! said...

yeah. I officially love it here.

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