One Last Time

I cannot,
forget that day.

I cannot.

You face,
is still
haunting me.
The ambulance shrieked,
my head turned,
and there you were.
Whitened cheek,
widen eyes,
opened mouth;
a face,
I could not recognize.
Was that you?
I thought not.
Was that you?
I hoped not.
Was that you?
I prayed not.

Was that really you?
I surrendered,
it was.
was the one last time
I saw you,
in flesh.
you are here.

Sleeping like
a baby.
Rosy cheek,
closed eyes,
soft lips;
a face,
I once know.

Only, Photobucket
missed a soul.
This is the day,
I remember.

The day,
you slipped away.


Qiwy said...

Your poems and your comments in my blog don't leave me indifferent!

Great Photos!


TheMinx said...

This is so haunting, I love the photos you've chosen. Wonderful blog :)

ryder said...

what happened??? om. really what happened? this is do sad! :( .
but i have to tell you something. i like your poetry. i do, i truly like that styyle. but! i feel like you need to let go. i have the feeling like you r always trying to keep the distance between poems and yourself. and that cant do. i see potentail. pls, dont take it the wrong way. im trying to be honest and constructive. i dont have to tell you 100 times, that this is one of my fav blog places.

Kay said...

This is so sad but the pictures are so beautiful... haunting is definitely the right way to describe it.


mya said...

i just came across your blog, it's fantastic, beautiful writing xx

zoë said...

pretty and such genius words .

Camila de Matos Ferreira van Wuyckhuyse said...

oh dear, you actually read the entire thing?!
it was more like.. therapy for me or something... hahahah
but thanks anyway for taking the time to visit my blog! i really appreciate it <3

where abouts in hong kong do you live? and what do you do?

hope you have a great day tomorrow! xxxxxxx

rackkandruin said...

i love your use of personal poetry intermixed with beautiful yet fitting images. . great blog! thanks for checking mine out!

Mimi said...

I love your little anecdotes.They fit always perfect to the photos.

tigermilk said...

you are the amazing one!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

wow, thanks for that grand compliment =]
and these photographs are really very gorgeous!


setyourselfonfire said...

Wow your blog is really great! :)

Strawberry Fields said...

that is so beautiful. i could only write something half that quality once in a blue moon. gawd, i sound so old saying that =S

stunning pictures, you have a beautiful blog xx

jessica said...

i absolutely love the first two photos .
eerily devastating poem .


atelier said...

your writing is soo good! I love reading your stories! and I like the pics you have chosen too

Dani said...

The photos are amaizing!
An the letter it's very nice...it's a song? who is it?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful images you chose to accompany the poem.

KATA said...

this was so beautiful!
just lovely!:)

LoveMore said...

oh my gosh! this is very intense...and i really love it. i hope for your sake it is not a recount...if so..i am sorry.

all the images are very beautiful and the writing really touched me! i loved it!

xxx LM

closeup said...

wow! i'm almost speechless.. the poem is very very sad and the pictures fit snugly! the post animates to thinking!!!

noelle chantal said...

the poem is beautiful as well as the dreamy photos. :)

Dooder City said...

I love this poem It's quite sad:( The photos are so beautiful.

Couture Carrie said...

I loooove these photos, especially the last one - they really work with your searing, heartfelt poetry!


Molly said...

these are so gorgeous, i do enjoy reading your posts, they're like a fashionable fairytale.
or tradgedy in this poems case- so sad!

terra said...

how come you find the perfect photos and words to go together
your blog's enchanted me

essenceanddesire said...

I love these photos, great great great post, as always, I love reading your stories,


joliiie said...

u're welcome. you use to choose the greatest pictures!
All ok?

Eeli said...

This is so beautiful. Such a powerful poem. I can tell the person whom wrote it was so passionate.

Lovely photos too :)

yiqin; said...

What a sad post :( The texts & photos go so well together! I hope you are fine though!

Tina said...

gorgeous photos and you writes so beautifully!

Anonymous said...

wow did you write that yourself. it sounds so eerie and kind of haunting, but really romantic and mysterious. i love it. my favorite photo is the first one, too.

N said...

nice blog! check out mine maybe? :)

electric feel said...

very strong and beautiful photos!


love those boots!

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