Little recipe for a smile

Plastering a smile
on my face,
never takes much.


some bits
Item number one:

Feeling the first,
first sun ray
in the morning.

I am alive.
Item number two:

Landing on
an abandoned field
in the rural.

how life
once agaPhotobucketin.

Item number three:

A few
drawing papers,
to draw.

my little world.
Item number four:

Staying crazy,
and outrageous
with friends.

the sweetness
Item number five:

walking side by side;
and holds my hand

I hear,
the loving song
Item number n:

Listen to
the heart;
following its

for the spirit
living within.
It's done, it's over.

A smile
is here,

P.S Care to share your recipe for a smile too?


Anonymous said...

my favorite picture is the one with the two boys and the girl(who looks very much like natalia vodianova?)

Petra said...

Aw this is so, so beautiful! So sweet and lovely, it puts a smile on my face too :)

Smiles are wonderful! xx

rackkandruin said...

beautiful words and images as usual! thanks for checking out my site!

CapuccinoB. said...

i love your pics!

jessica said...

that's a such a sweet poem .
i love the first two photos, they're perfect !


maria memi said...

happy people there

terra said...

:) :)
all i do is look out the window on a perfectly snowy day, you know.. one of those where everything is completely covered and quiet..

and thank you for your nice comment as well! you're welcome btw :O)


wonderful post !i specially love the second picture!!

Molly said...

my recipe pretty much consists of

100g of summer
20g of my best friends
60g of fashion magazines
100g of unlimited shopping
10g of vanilla ice cream

lovely pictures, you always find the best ones :)


zoë said...

the first picture is lovely, as is the one with the schoolboys playing around with the girl .
hottt models ;]

& yeah, it was kind of accidental for the title to match the post itself ? ahha . actually, no, what am i saying .. it was totally my genius idea to do so ! tahahhah .

xx love .

LoveMore said...

oh dear..i hope you are ok after the funeral...i am sad to think a real tragedy may have occured in your life..tear. honestly warm thought sent your way hon.

i love the first image the most of this lot..but all beautiful.

xxx LM

Anonymous said...

awww...this is so sweet. you put a smile on my face. what's my recipe for a smile? pretty much everything you said. i'd write more, but i'm too lazy, tee hee xD

Camilla said...

thank you for commenting (: i appreciate that (:
i live between repulse bay and stanley, just before chung hom kok, on the south side of the island (towards south bay) and i go to south island school, which is in aberdeen. it's part of the english school foundation, do you know it?


Krystal said...

so so gorgeous

maisie #1 and #2 said...

this is a great collection of photos and words! i love how genuinely happy the model is in the first photo. like she is grinning, rather than smiling.

/maisie #1

Eeli said...

My recipe? Simply to smile :D Isn't a smile one of the most beautiful gifts you could give anyone? :)

Your poems is always a treat. Stay just as you are ok dear :)

Hope your mon has been going well
Luv xx

Dooder City said...

a recipe for a smile is giving an unexpected gift.

Aless & Rocío said...

Nice photos and congratulations for the award!!

Couture Carrie said...

Love this post! That second pic in silhouette is just breathtaking...

My recipe for a smile: a steaming mug of cocoa and a fab blog like yours, A!


Strawberry Fields said...

that is so beautiful. you are so inspiring with such wonderful words and photos.

do you want to swap links? xx

Bella said...

I can't say it enough... the silver lining between words and imagery is just stunning.

Your posts are always so inspirational.

Mel said...

wow. this post is amazing agnes!! xx

yiqin; said...

I am so tired to smile lately but those pictures are so sweet it made me smile :)e

Montse said...

Nice pictures!

rebeca said...

ohh..beautiful pics! i like it!

Tina said...

a beautiful post as usual! i love cats so this site never fails to make me smile! :)

ps, your blog is so amazingly beautiful, would love to exchange links if you're interested, :)

shimu's holiday said...

umm ... sometime, a nice cup of tea is help bring a slight smile, I always keep them in my desk and sometime when I can skip work and went to see my friend for a quick shopping, a very delicious lunch in a fab dress, that's make me smile too.

:) anyway I love this post

Pan's Holiday

Natacha said...

great blog

closeup said...

love your posts!! everytime very thoughtfull

Amau said...

Super blog, j'aime beaucoup tes photos !!

aprons for women said...

nice poem. love it, very simple and straight to the heart

peny113 said...

This is a great post. My own recipe for a smile is being contented of what I have and satisfied for the things that God has given me. This may be a cliche but I want to live, laugh and love, and these things are all it takes to make me smile, eh.


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