The land was beautiful

Paved with lively greens,
it was a playground for wilds.
Life blossomed
And there came
a troop of people,

ArrivedPhotobucket with
tractors and bulldozers,
land cleared.

Green floor disappeared,
wilds gone,
life perished.
One vehicle,
two vehicles,
three vehicles,
endless of vehicles landed.

Landed nothing but,
a truck of waste;
a truck of trash;
a truck of sins;
and a truck of hatreds.
The land was a pain.

Paved with deadly soil,
it was a grave for wilds.
Life ached.
And there came
a troop of people,
Arrived with
compassion and affection,
land revived.

Spirited ground,
smiley wilds,
life grinned.
One lawn,
two shrubs,
three bushes,
the land is back.

Back with,
a family of ant,
a family of butterflie,
a family of bird,
and a family of entity.
The land is beautiful

photo credit:flickr,TFS, Chadwick Tyler

P.S This piece is inspired by a park that i usually go for a walk. It was a landfill site before, which now turned into a beautiful park, perfect for a walk and a peace of mind.


Jen said...

So poignant. Like this a lot.

terra said...

ooh happy story!
i can see the flow'rs dying and blooming thru-out..
oh and that picture wasn't of the school, i did make it seem a bit like it was tho, my bad

LoveMore said...

oh amazing yet again darling!
loved it..and great images to go with it.
and also, so good to hear where the inspiration came from!
xxx love LM

Underfunded Heiress said...

Wow, that's pretty cool that it is a park now. Love the second to last photo. Beautiful words.

Laura* said...

Your text is very beautiful!!!

Pretty Guide of Art said...

wooow, great blog.
kisses, Pretty Guide.

Sara said...

Such pretty, pretty words..!

Fashion Tidbits said...


ariel romano said...

thanks so much for leaving me such lovely comments

Anonymous said...

beautiful poem, pictures, and inspiration

La Fée said...

these pictures and words are beautiful!

Dooder City said...

yes, there is always hope for a better future and if you will it, it will happen. i love it.

Missindiferencia said...

what faboulous photographies!

Couture Carrie said...

I agree with Jen... Truly poignant, and the photos really complement your beautiful words!


Flashes of Style said...

These photos are so dreamy! I absolutely love them.

jessica said...

the third photo and the second last photo ... they're gorgeous .


Anonymous said...

I love the first picture ! but all the photos are nice :)


Noelí said...


atelier said...

I love the firs image! very nice story, it's great that you find your inspiration in your every-day-life

Tina said...

yeah for the new park! i'd love to live close to one too and get a dog so we can go on walks :)

ps, sorry hon only just got around to adding you but you're on my blog roll now :)


essence said...

Wow Agnes! so amazing!
I love your inspiration,


Mari said...

Love the poem, beautiful!
And love the pictures to the poem!

I really like your blog, your awsomeness!

Valentine said...

I like this idea of change-- what was once a site for something unpleasant has turned to something beautiful. If only changes like that happened all the time and not the other way around. ;-)


Chadwick Tyler is amazing.



joliiie said...

simply incredible...!

electric feel said...

would love to take a walk through a beautiful park

Petra said...

So beautiful. I adore the land, being amongst nature makes you so thankful for being able to live amongst it.

Such beautiful words to accompany the stunning images. Perfect xx

S.Elisabeth said...

that was beautiful, coupled with the pictures absolutely breathtaking. that's so neat that a landfill site became a beautiful park. i'm glad =)

B. said...

how can u post such lovely photos???? :O Where do u find them?? ALL FANTASTIC

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

ps, i've given you a blog award :)

style munch said...

oh yay i love your blog xx

Anonymous said...

Very lovely and inspiring pictures.
Would you like to do a link exchange?

ryder said...

for a minute i thought u watched that film with tom cruise... about world war 2. love parks, but small ones. central one is way too central.

Indie.Tea said...

What melancholy beauty...

Indie.Tea said...

p.s., I added you to my bloglovin', hope that's o.k. Your blog looks wonderful...

boubou said...

your photos are litteraly incredible , can i use some of them for my collages ?? and credit you of course ;)
thanks for your answer :)

a bientot !

Boubou xx

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