Opened door

'I am old enough to go on my own.'
You said.
'But it could be dangerous for you to be alone.'
I replied.
'Believe me, I am a big girl now,
everything will be under control'
You insisted.
I hesistated.

And you ran out of the door,
without a head turn.
'Where are you?'
You called me one night.
'Where are you?'
I said while I was switching on the light.
'At the door.'

Door opened, unknown.
Your eyes were hollow,
filled with sorrow.

"Come in." I muttered.
You said nothing, head down.
Two people sitting on the sofa with television on,
yet there was no sound.
Four eyes on the ground, met and head up,
exchanged silent words.
Six minutes passes, passed like sixty years.
Night slowly consumed our silent dry words,
led us to bed.
Morning light hit the floor
and brought my eyes to the door.
Winds flowing in and you are out.
Empty is the room,
But hope always stays there, waiting to bloom.
Blossoming like spring flower
and cleanses the spirit like morning shower.
You know the door is always open for you.

inspiration: a recent story i read, about the unconditional love of a mother to her child.


Indie.Tea said...

How beautiful!!!
(I shall follow your blog via Bloglovin)

LoveMore said...

wowo wowie! so moving...at first i thought it was like a relationship story about a troubled couple..but i was wrong! very good though, makes more sense knowing the true inspiration :) beautiful.

love all the images as always!

thanks for your comment!

happy friday!! love LM xxx

Vintage Me New You said...

so so so beautiful:) you played with so many beauty in just few images:)

Susanna-Cole said...

I always love your mixture of photos and words, they're always the perfect combination, and the writing in those post is particularly moving! <3

Anyway, thanks so much for your sweet comment and support, my dear, I really appreciate it! <3


Couture Carrie said...

Another beauty, darling!

Be sure to stop by my blog as I am having a contest today!


Siska said...

these pics are so magic!

pangea said...

very nice pix



Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment!
I really like your blog :)
wonderful photos

Anonymous said...

Thanks darling.
We put up your link too.
I love that Raquel Zimmerman picture. very inspirational.

electric feel said...

the last pic is fav!
so freedominspired!

have a nice weekend

Robynne said...

Wow. You have some amazing pictures on your blog.



S.Elisabeth said...

that was beautiful! it had this very quietly powerful feeling.

jules said...

oh those photos are beautiful. I wish i had taken that photo but i did not. I forget where i found it even, how horrible. Your blog is so beautiful darling.

vintageveggie said...

your blog almost gives me shivers!

Enep said...

awesome post! I like the story as much as I like your header.

xo ;3

Flashes of Style said...

Wow, so beautiful and inspiing. I love the 3rd photo the best. :)

jessica said...

this is so nice .
i too, like lovemore, thought it was a couple at first but i think it's better as a mother/daughter relationship .

Valentine said...

I like it.. and the fact that it can be interpreted in different ways.. *sigh* I love my mum and I love your poem, dear! :-)



Missindiferencia said...

oh! lovely photographies:)

joliiie said...

Yes I did!
awwww your pics!I cant choose only one,

Hayley said...

that was so incredibly beautiful (:

Dooder City said...

ooo, I would have never guessed this was inspired by mother/ son relationship. i thought it was cool how they spoke but there was no sound. great photos.

terra said...

lovely story, lovely feeling
oh and what pictures!

Anonymous said...

great photos...great page:)!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh. these words were so powerful. i got so captivated into the story. its so sad, but haunting and totally sucks you in. what book is it? i must know what book this is so that i can read it too!

Sara said...

This is beyond beautiful! Thank you for leaving a comment on my very grumpy post :)
I love this, seriously...what you wrote is amazing.

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

you always amazes me with your beautiful posts! :)

Maverick said...

What a beautiful post! I love that fourth picture down, of the two girls.

Love your blog :)
xoxo, mavi

Noelle Chantal said...

wonderful words and beautiful photos. your posts are always very interesting. i like how you play with enchanting words and dreamy photos, which i def like. i esp like the first photo of the lady, very dreamy.

oh, i just posted some dreamy photos at my bog too, my sister and i took those photos. go check it out, we love taking dreamy pictures too! hehe :)

essenceanddesire said...

Wow Beautiful!!!!!!!!!
Lovely poem and images as always! You are so creative and your post magical and inspirational,


Bella said...

I love how the inspiration pours through every single time!

Phone with a Cord said...

this is beautiful...

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