Once more

Flashing images of memory continue to haunt
nights and days, days and nights;
shifting present consciousness to series of past events,
as if those were to be relived.
Sensation heightens each time the images recollect,
strikes like the first encounter –
a sudden rush of strange warm feelings flooding
all over the yearning soul.
Slowly develops the impossible,
reaching the out of reach,
touching the out of touch;
pushing self-serving bias to a new extreme.
Much old sanity is off the scene;
one foot deep in the closed past,
another one stepping into the open future
leave behind the trembling moment of present.
Survival takes no light toll -
of bits and pieces reverse
in secret pleasure, in secret tears;
in motion to tango alone in shadows.
Still. Voluntarily to be corrupted by the memory,
nights and days, days and nights;
taking to heart the warm embrace,
the taste of the last tango, once more.

Credit: Alison_Scarpulla, MiqueBrightside, Free_bliss, Oliver_Morris, katieeleanor

in the dedication to a special person to me.


Now at last

Words left unspoken remain unspoken,
all melt away into the sound of silence -
that speaks much unheard feelings
once longed to be delivered and understood.
Well-learned communication patterns are broken;
now done by own presence,
through the minds, through the hearts,
every unsaid is said.
Much depth has been fallen into,
denial makes the only crime;
no glancing back at the past,
no future regrets.
End to continuous searches,
long-separated halves at last reunite,
that completes the last chapter of
two bodies but one soul.

Credit: Alex Freund


life-long journey

Repeatedly walk the same way through everyday,
everything looks indifferent,
everything looks different;
swinging between the naked truths and disguised lies.
Much noise is on and off the surround,
rushing, dispersing and colliding,
gradually swirled up local disturbances inside -
an attack to the old beliefs.
The right quickly becomes the new wrong,
and the wrong soon replaces the right :
a natural outcome of the subjective reality,
changing constantly over and over.
With merely nothing in an absolute state;
all responses could be a hit,
a miss, a false alarm
or remain as a myth all the way to the end.
And yet, as equipped with bags of hope and
carrying no fear,
walking down the same way though everyday
marks unique starts of a life-long journey.

credit- David Bellemere


Passing it on all along

Following traits down memory lane,
broken bits and pieces of memories bubbled up
out of the long gone sight, out of the unconscious mind;
spinning round and round.
Flashing by were thousands of faces,
a compilation of the loved, missed, forgotten and unknown
originated from the lost-and-found box;
stirring the past up to present.
So much was on and off the track,
yet entwined together like a bunch of tangled knots -
a master interweave of joy and despair,
extending its way down to the end.
Irreversible. The tangled could not be untangled,
for what had been done was done,
done in the past and also the future,
retrieval could only be made possible in vain imaginations.
And none could pass on further, without
passing on the bottled essence of the antecedent
to the subsequent, on and on;
all along the ever-extending memory lane.

Credit: Alison Scarpulla


The spells of summer

No one knows the moment summer begins slipping in;
no sound is made,
no trace is left,
all done with merely anything being undone.
Realization of its arrival only comes upon
when senses are fully arrested,
by a sudden urge, to submit and surrender
to the dazzling sun, to the cloudless sky.
And soon as the last defense is abandoned,
summer officially reigns all over,
in and out; flooding all over the soul,
and unlocks the deepest desire.
Leaving feelings so naked and raw,
shadowless under the sun, everything melts away
into the heat, into the ultimate form of intoxication.
All lost in spells.
No one knows the moment summer begins slipping in;
no sound is made,
no trace is left,
all done with everything being undone.
credit: Alex Freund
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